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Weekend One Off: Machikado Keiki

I’ve been less active commenting in the blogosphere recently because I’m swamped with work and taking a bit of a quasi-vacation – both from work and blogging.  Don’t worry, the content will keep coming.  But this weekend there shall be no link love, because I haven’t been here to compile the links.  Instead I’m going to keep with my trend of bringing you financial and economics related videos that you probably haven’t seen.

Today we’re going to the other side of the planet.  Specifically Japan.  If you pay attention to more of the news than whatever the hell that Kardashian woman is doing to embarrass the species you are likely aware that Japan’s economy has been in the shit hole for a while.  You are also likely aware that Japan has a new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who is doing quite a bit to shake things up.  His reforms are referred to as Abenomics.  I’m not going to get into those reforms in this post because that would take more effort than I’m willing to expend at the moment and wouldn’t be nearly as hilarious as what follows.

You are also probably aware of the old wives tale that you can tell how well the economy is doing by the length of women’s skirts.  The greater the bull market, the more women end to dress like hoochies.

Because Japan is a strange place, one new Jpop group called Machikado Keiki has decided to take it one step further and actually vary the length of their skirts based on the Nikkei index.  They have a video (below).  It’s not that great.  I say this as someone who loves Asian pop music, but the song is about economics and I would love to read a translation.  If you find one, post a link in the comments.


Here’s the article from Marginal Revolution if you’d like to read more.

Here’s a collection of pictures detailing how their skirt length has varied with the Nikkei index.

Here’s me wishing that the Koreans would do this because the girls would be cuter and the music would be better.

Bonus:  Here’s a bra based on Abenomics, because Japan is a strange place.

Readers:  What do you think?

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2 Responses to "Weekend One Off: Machikado Keiki"

  1. Martin says:

    MFIJ, no worries in regards to the links, your niche readers will be still coming to visit your website, myself included. I was traveling this weekend too, so I will be posting my links tomorrow night probably… However, I will check your videos later.

  2. Integrator says:

    Good to take a vacation, blogging can be very time consuming. I just returned from vacation myself to australia….fantastic. Japan is a fantastic place, full of idiosyncrasies….. in Australia they actually blame the Japanese housewives for their love affair with high yield Australian bonds that have kept the Australia dollar so high and cost thousands of jobs….who would have thought!

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