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Portfolio Status: June 2013

272481_diagramContinuing with my goal of financial transparency, I’m posting my portfolio as it is at the beginning of June of 2013.

Under the portfolio tab above is where I am keeping a more or less current list of my positions.  The below is where my portfolio stands as of June 1, 2013.  Also, check out the dividends and options pages where I am tracking each of those.


2013 Portfolio Value as of:

  • January 1st: $91,567.06
  • February 1st: $95,514.53
  • March 1st: $99,743.57
  • April 1st: $102,160.83
  • May 1st: $111,056.49
  • June 1st: $115,388.08


The month of May has seen continued growth of my portfolio.  This time I think most of it came from an infusion of new capital, which went to purchasing CVX.  I’m not sure if this purchase was one of my best buys ever, but I think it was a pretty good buy for this particular point in time.  Otherwise the market went up a bit, but not as aggressively as it rose in previous months.


In terms of dividends, I pulled in $295.42 in May of 2013.


2013 Monthly Dividends:

  • January: $164.00
  • February: $265.11
  • March: $326.64
  • April: $301.76
  • May: $295.42


One of my major goals for this year and next year is to substantially increase my emergency fund (pile of cash to leverage put options against, which also doubles as an emergency fund) so that it can cover one full year’s worth of my expenses ($35K).  So let’s track that too:


2013 Cash Pile Value as of:

  • January 1st: $4,753.16
  • February 1st: $7,353.16
  • March 1st: $8,965.33
  • April 1st: $10,560.33
  • May 1st: $12,168.49
  • June 1st: $13,768.49


Portfolio as of June 1st, 2013:

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10 Responses to "Portfolio Status: June 2013"

  1. Nice progress mate! Is the 27% gain from performance or performance + contributions? Do you have a dividend income target goal or a portfolio value goal?

    1. MFIJ says:

      The gains are from performance + contributions. For these monthly updates, I just post the absolute value of the stock portfolio. I’m going to do an upcoming post where I discuss my entire portfolio’s overall annualized rate of return.

  2. The thing I like best about this is the growth in nice and steady. Shows you have a methodical plan are very disciplined. That is the secret to getting there!

  3. I agree with Pretired Nick, the best part is seeing how consistent your portfolio and cash pile is going up. Looks like you still have quite a ways to go on that pile of cash to get it to $35k, but you’ve made great progress just since January. It must be nice to see $300 a month from dividends. Just means you’re that much closer to financial freedom.

  4. MFIJ,

    Great job man. Slow and steady wins the race!

    You’re sticking to the plan and as a result your one step closer to FI. Keep it up!

    BTW, what’s your thoughts on BP right now? I’m kicking the tires and peeking under the hood. I see you’re long with a fairly hefty position. Gotta love the value and the dividend, but they still don’t have the spill behind them.

    Best wishes!

    1. MFIJ says:

      BP was one of the first dividend growth stocks I bought. I bought it “on the dip” after the spill. Such a bad idea in retrospect. I was actually going to sell it off at a loss, but it started paying a dividend so I decided to hold onto it. Over the last 3 years, it hasn’t really been worth writing home about in terms of capital gains. But the current dividend is nice, and does appear to be growing. At this point, I’d stick with XOM, CVX, or COP before going with BP.

  5. Integrator says:

    Nice work on the dividends so far this year. Looks like you are on track to break $3k in 2013 dividend income?

  6. Squirrelers says:

    Good stuff! What I especially like is seeing that pile of cash increase.

  7. Evan says:

    The Emergency fund/Puts – Are you doing cash secured puts to bet against a company?

    1. MFIJ says:

      They’re sort of cash secured. The puts are sold on margin. I have a pile of cash laying around in case of assignment, but my puts are leveraging far more money than I have in cash reserves.


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