Email Marketing to a Local Audience

email-marketingLet’s say that you are a business with a brick and mortar store in a town called Aplace. Email Marketing to a Local Audience, In Aplace you have a strong local community, you belong to a business association, you participate in community events and feel quite good about where you live and the people who are doing business in your community. Each and every customer who walks through your doors is a valued customer. In order to build your relationship with these customers, you have designed an opt-in email marketing program by which your customers can sign up for your newsletter when they make a purchase. You might even use a double opt-in in which you send out an email to each new subscriber, asking them to confirm that they are interested in receiving your newsletters. This helps to weed out any mistakes, such as typos, that might occur and prevents you from sending out unwanted email. Keeping your email newsletter subscriber list clean is important to every email marketing campaign, so making that a priority is a good idea.

So, back to the local part. If you already have local customers and you have local subscribers then you can utilize email marketing techniques that are designed to create interactions that will boost your sales both through the online forum as well as through real-world participation. Email Marketing to a Local Audience, The following are examples of three ways that you can encourage subscribers to engage:

  1. Store sales for subscribers: subscribers to your email newsletters will enjoy receiving offers that are unique to them. While many people think of this as being for online sales, it works just as well to have things formatted so that they actually get their discount in person. You could have a monthly special for subscribers – a coupon they can print out (or offer to look up their subscriber email at the register) or it might be a one-time offer.
  2. Special Events: If you are going to be vending at a local festival, or participating in an event that your customers might be likely to attend, let them know you’re going to be there. Then, give them a reason to stop by. Let’s say you’re vending at a big summer event. Offer a free bottle of water for every subscriber who makes a purchase at your booth, offer them free tickets for a drawing, or whatever else you think will draw them out.
  3. Bring a friend, get a discount: the next time you’re having a sale, offer your existing customers an incentive to do your networking for you. Buy-one-get-one-free for those who bring a friend who subscribes to your newsletter is just one example of the many deals you might offer.

MyNewsletterBuilder offers a comprehensive set of tools to those creating their email newsletter and running their opt-in email marketing campaign. From individuals to small businesses to large corporations, email marketing is an essential part of the building and maintaining client and customer relations.

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