How to Clean Spectacles Glasses


It is universally acknowledged that spectacles glasses are easy to be stained with dust and oil. So at ordinary times, we should pay more attention to avoid scratching. How to Clean Spectacles Glasses, The principle of taking good care of glasses is to keep glasses clean. Following I will introduce some methods to clean spectacles glasses. Meanwhile, using eyeglass lenses spray cleaner is an essential way to keep glasses clean. Firstly, open the water faucet and put glasses under the clean water. Secondly, drop a blob of cleanser essence on eyeglasses and daub slightly by index finger until it is well-distributed. This process takes nearly 30 seconds. Thirdly, set glasses under clean water to wash away residual cleanser essence. In this process, you must notice that your fingers must not touch eyeglasses. If residual cleanser essence is too thick, repeat daub in step 2. When washing, you can lower glasses to take full advantage of the pressure of the water column. Fourthly, after affirming that there is no residual dirt and cleanser essence on glasses, you let spectacles glasses stand up, then the lens parallel with the water column. At this moment, turn down the water faucet. When you are washing, let the glasses traverse right and left. Fifthly, do not wipe rudimental water by glass cleaning cloth. If it still remains water, you can use a piece of absorbent paper. After it is finished, put glasses on and you will find the world brighter. Reminder Do not wipe glasses with a dry cloth. If you really do like that way, you will scratch glasses. Do not let glasses in high temperature. Because film retia will be damaged or even fall off at high temperature. Do not let glasses in the organic solvent such as acetone, diethyl, and perfume. In addition, you would better develop a good habit to place glasses with lint. If you are available, you can go to the optician. They are always free to wash by using ultrasonic cleaners.

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