In Email Marketing, Timing Counts


In the world of email marketing, there are many tricks to help encourage readers to open, read and act on emails. One of them is timing. In Email Marketing, Timing Counts as to when you send out your newsletters applies to both the frequency as well as to the time of day that you send your newsletters out. For those who are sending in multiple time zones, this can be a trick of finding the time that serves as a good middle ground for all recipients or it can mean batch mailing for each time zone separately. So, how do you know when to send emails?

Start with when not to send emails. If you are sending out emails to people at their work address, for example, then it is probably a bad idea to send emails near the end of the day on Friday. The reason for this is that most people are ready to wrap everything up for the weekend and so the last thing they want to do is to start something else. They might leave emails in their inbox for Monday, but we all know what happens on Monday mornings! Now, some people have great success sending out emails on Monday mornings, but other companies find that their readers don’t open emails send on Mondays until a few days later. Some companies settle on Tuesdays, early in the day, as being their ideal time to send out emails – it’s still early in the week, which hopefully means it arrives with plenty of time to be looked at.

How can you tell if you are sending emails at a good time? Well, look at your open rates. Then, look at when those who did open your emails did so. How soon after the email arrived was it opened? Is there anything that those times have in common? For example, do most people open your emails that day? The next morning? Several days later? Is there a correlation between how soon people open the email and how likely they are to click through or further engage? Once you know the time of day when people are likely to open your emails, you can test the theory by changing your send-time to see if it changes how quickly your emails are opened and if more people open them at the new time. In Email Marketing, Timing Counts. You can do the same for the frequency of sending. When you’re working with that kind of data, you can make sending choices that are good for business.

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