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Weekend Link Love: New Theme Edition

Another week has passed us by and blogosphere has provided us with still more articles worth reading.

If you’re a relatively astute reader, you might have noticed the new theme.  I decided to move the blog to real hosting.  I still have some more tweaks to make, but hopefully all the major parts of the blog are working.  Enjow.

Just a personal note:  For the next week and a half I’m going to be involved in some hardcore travel for my job.  Bloggers, if you don’t see me commenting on your blogs, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because I’m up to my eyeballs in work related travel.  I’ll still be making an effort to reply to comments on this blog, but things might be slow.

First, let’s start with blog news.


This week I recommend that you check out the following links.

Presented in the order that I came across them.

  1. Narrow Bridge explains stock splits.
  2. Work Save Live reveals the difference between comprehensive and collision insurance.
  3. Eyes on the Dollar asks Is Poverty in the United States an Excuse to do Poorly in School?
  4. Wealth Informatics talks about how much house you can afford to buy.
  5. My Personal Finance Journey discusses the APR of bank overdraft fees.
  6. Financially Integrated lists things to be aware of with managed funds.
  7. Retire by 40 explains annuities.
  8. The Free Financial Advisor talks about increasing your yield with microloans through P2P lenders.

Stock Analyses:

  1. Dividend Growth Investor provides an analysis of Nu Skin Enterprises.

Readers:  How did your week go?

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14 Responses to "Weekend Link Love: New Theme Edition"

  1. Martin says:

    Although I think that you don’t like me, because you are not commenting on my blog, we actually will not think that you have left the blogosphere forever. Well we will think it if you do not come back ;-)

    No worries, just teasing you.

    Thanks for sharing the links, it gives a great idea what to read.

    1. MFIJ says:

      I’ll do my best to come back in one piece. But with back to back to back business trips, that could be wishful thinking.

      1. Martin says:

        then take your laptop or tablet with you and time to time post “Hi” or something like that, so we know you are still alive!

        1. MFIJ says:

          I’m bringing the laptop. So I should be able to respond to comments on my blog and check out my RSS feed from time to time. And I’ve got posts scheduled to hit all throughout the week, so it’s not like there won’t be content. Plus, I can approve comments pretty easy from my phone. But I hate typing on that thing.

          1. Martin says:

            I hear you. My fingers are thicker than those tiny pictures they call them buttons on the screen. Good luck.

  2. I’ve been working on a major overhaul of The Frugal Path since the beginning of February and still have a ways to go. It can be pretty demanding to write a blog, comment and work a 9-5 job. I hope you have a moment this month to relax a bit.

    1. MFIJ says:

      I agree, writing a blog is almost a full time job. Which goes on top of my actual full time job. I hope I have a moment to relax as well. It’s been full on work and blogging all through January and February. We’ll see if fate feels inclined to grant me a short respite.

      1. Martin says:

        I agree too. It really is a hard job and I didn’t realize what amount of work blogging is. If anyone tells me next time blogging is easy money made online, I’ll kick his butt.

        1. MFIJ says:

          Blogging isn’t just easy, it’s “passive” income. Passive compared to gladiatorial combat maybe.

  3. Liquid says:

    Enjoy your travels mate :0) It would be good to get away from blogging so much for awhile and change focus a bit. I hope your boss is paying for everything on the business trip :D

    1. MFIJ says:

      I hope that the break gives me some time to come up with all kinds of great new ideas for posts and the blog in general.

      Work is thankfully paying for everything.

  4. I hope you get to enjoy your travels. Blogging will always be here when you get back. Thanks for the mention.

    1. MFIJ says:

      Thanks Kim. One trip down so far. Two more to go starting tomorrow.

  5. […] and My Finances, My Financial Independence Journey, Average Joe’s Money Blog mentioned poverty and how it affects school […]

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