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Weekend Link Love

It appears that the weekend is here.  Go check out the below list of links for some great reading.


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This week I recommend that you check out the following links.  Presented in the order that I came across them.

  1. Hello Suckers gives us his list guidelines for picking great dividend stocks.
  2. The Dividend Guy reminds us that yes, there are times where we should sell our stocks.  Selling is much harder than buying, FYI.
  3. The Dividend Theory describes five golden rules for dividend investors.
  4. My Own Advisor reminds us that dividends matter.
  5. Financially Integrated outlines a guide to building wealth for young people.  Older people should read it too as a refresher course.
  6. The College Investor informs us that multi-family properties are still a good investment.
  7. All About Interest writes a primer on put options.
  8. Hello Suckers asks whether you should pay off your mortgage early.
  9. The College Investor reminds us of the dangers of investing in your company’s stock.


Stock Analyses

  1. Dividend Growth Investor provides an analysis of Wal-Mart (WMT).


Readers:  How did your week go?

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4 Responses to "Weekend Link Love"

  1. Thanks for mentioning my golden rules post, MFIJ. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Integrator says:

    Thanks for the mention! I agree that older people should also consider how best to build wealth too!

  3. Thanks for the mention and list of links. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the mention! Hope you had a great weekend.


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