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Weekend Link Love

It’s that time of the week again, isn’t it?  Where I dump a handful of articles worth reading on you.

Another weekend, another collection of links.  Enjoy.


This week I recommend that you check out the following links.  Presented in the order that I came across them.

  1. Critical Financial explains how to use “Subject To Existing Financing” to purchase real estate.  Read this because you’ve probably never heard of Subject To Financing.
  2. Wealth Lion offers up incredible detail on one of his real estate purchases and improvements.  Great article, but why in God’s name would you paint a room green?
  3. The Dividend Guy asks whether it’s time to move back into US banks, and perhaps away from Canadian ones.  Short answer, yes. Go read his article to find out why and in which banks you might want to invest.
  4. The Dividend Guy hits a double this week with an article describing how to deal with some of those sketchy dividend payout ratios that occasionally pop up.  TL;DR: Use free cash flow.
  5. Dividend Growth Investor gives us an amazing FAQ about… wait for it… dividend growth investing.  Humor aside, the dude knows his shit, so read his FAQ.
  6. Financially Integrated compiles an overview of dividend possibilities in the financial services sector.  As banks continue to recover after the Great Recession, they become more and more attractive as investment opportunities.
  7. Dividend Mantra describes recent events surrounding two dividend stocks Lorillard and ONEAK Inc, one of which is facing considerable headwinds and the other considerable tailwinds.
  8. Freedom 35 suggests investing in parking lots.  If you think he’s lost his rocker, then you’ve never had the misfortune of having to pay for parking in a major city.


Readers:  How did your week go?

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  1. Thx for the mention! enjoy the weekend :-D

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