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Portfolio Status: October 2013


272481_diagramContinuing with my goal of financial transparency, I’m posting my portfolio as it is at the beginning of October of 2013.

Under the portfolio tab above is where I am keeping a more or less current list of my positions.  The below is where my portfolio stands as of October 1, 2013.  Also, check out the dividends and options pages where I am tracking each of those.


2013 Portfolio Value (long stocks) as of:

  • January 1st: $91,567.06
  • February 1st: $95,514.53
  • March 1st: $99,743.57
  • April 1st: $102,160.83
  • May 1st: $111,056.49
  • June 1st: $115,388.08
  • July 1st: $121,356.66
  • August 1st: $129,800.78
  • September 1st: $128,119.89
  • October 1st: $132,483.85


September was an okay month.  The portfolio grew a bit and I added some more capital, but nothing to really get excited about.  Slow and steady progress this month.  My main purchase was 22 shares Baxter (BAX) that cost me around $1,500.

In terms of dividends, I pulled in $569.23 in September of 2013, which is my best month yet. To date, I have pulled in $3,049.04 in dividends for 2013.

2013 Monthly Dividends:

  • January: $164.00
  • February: $265.11
  • March: $326.64
  • April: $301.76
  • May: $295.42
  • June: $452.89
  • July: $279.46
  • August: $355.08
  • September: $569.23


One of my major goals for this year and next year is to substantially increase my emergency fund pile of cash to leverage put options against, which also doubles as an emergency fund so that it can cover one full year’s worth of my expenses ($35K).  So let’s track that too:


2013 Cash Pile Value as of:

  • January 1st: $4,753.16
  • February 1st: $7,353.16
  • March 1st: $8,965.33
  • April 1st: $10,560.33
  • May 1st: $12,168.49
  • June 1st: $13,768.49
  • July 1st: $15,363.49
  • August 1st: $16,973.18
  • September 1st: $18,573.18
  • October 1st: 20,179.70


Portfolio as of October 1st, 2013:

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11 Responses to "Portfolio Status: October 2013"

  1. Congratulations on crossing the $500 mark in monthly dividends. I am hoping to reach that level next year.

  2. ClassicCo says:


    You have a great portfolio and this 2013 is being a very good year for you; your value have increased in more than 44% and you have got a very important flow of dividend.

    I think you have a lot of different companies and so I suppose it will be difficult to study all of them, is not it?.

    I am a Spanish investor who are investing in some U.S. stocks (I own a little KO, NYX, INTC and HCP) but I think your market is overvalued at that price, so I am waiting for better.

    Do you know Bill Gates have purchased 6% of a Spanish company, FCC?

    Congratulations for your portfolio and thanks for share it!. I usually read your blog and I like it very much.

    See you!

  3. Nice work MFIJ! September was indeed a big month for you! Pretty awesome how you have also been able to really expand your emergency fund/options account over the course of the first nine months of the year.

  4. Congrats on crossing the $500 mark for dividends. I should be able to cross that level in December with no new purchases. I expect with that cash pile you’ll be able to significantly boost your option income up. Keep up the good work and maybe you can reach $150k by the end of the year.

  5. Liquid says:

    Woohoo over $500/month :D That’s going to be my goal for next year :) I spend about $3K a month so our expenses are similar. Maybe we’ll reach financial independence around the same time even though our journeys are different haha :)

  6. Martin says:

    Great review. I like the holdings table. It is a great inspiration for my future investment ideas. I have a question. Where do you hold your pile of cash? I am trying to figure it out myself since I kinda don’t like having 20k in a regular savings account earning nothing.

  7. Big bucks! Nice job building that portfolio mate. Let’s hope the bull market continues.

  8. This looks pretty damn good to me! $500 a month is nothing to sneeze at!

  9. Gary says:

    Is the $500 a month that you are generating from the 136k you have invested?

  10. Nice cash pile! Any plans for it?

  11. Nice portfolio brother. It’s been quite a while, I have been meaning to buy Realty Income for quite some time but it’s never been at an attractive price for me.


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