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Weekend Link Love

Another week, more links.  Read the below and consider yourself a bit more educated about investing and finance.


This week I recommend that you check out the following links.  Presented in the order that I came across them.

  1. DQYDJ explains why savings rate is the most important driving factor for achieving financial independence.
  2. Financially Integrated explains how he tries to balance out starting yield and dividend growth.
  3. Dividend Growth Investor asks if dividend investors should hold non-dividend stocks.  Would this limit their returns or will they be just fine sticking with what they know?
  4. The College Investor has a nice write up on how General Electric (GE) is transforming its business.
  5. Passive Income Pursuit is buying a home and explains why he chose a 30 year mortgage over a 15 year one.


Stock Analyses

  1. Dividend Monk provides an analysis of Medtronic (MDT).
  2. Dividend Growth Investor provides an analysis of Coca Cola (KO).


Readers:  How did your week go?

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3 Responses to "Weekend Link Love"

  1. PK says:

    I usually don’t tip my pitches, but make sure you check out Monday’s piece – it’s a companion to that one (and epic.)


    1. MFIJ says:

      I’ll be sure to check it out today.

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