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Welcome to the Reboot

True to my word, I have rebooted the site.  Much will stay the same, some things have changed.  Hopefully for the better.


The layout has been cleaned up to make navigation easier and facilitate faster load time.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out a way to make the text bigger.  I think I will need to switch to a new theme.  I’m looking for one, but no luck yet.

The menu tabs have been cleaned up and consolidated.

The About page has been rewritten and now includes blog policies and contact information.  There was no reason for those to be standalone pages.

Portfolio, Dividends, and Options pages remain and are up to date.

The blogroll page is gone.  I don’t see the value in retaining a seldom-updated list of personal finance sites that I may or may not be following at any given point in time.  If there is demand for a blogroll in the future, I’ll bring it back.

Some additional minor layout tweaks are needed, but I’m satisfied enough to pivot my focus back towards content.

Main Focus

When I started this site I had relatively broad ranging personal finance interests.  Over the last year, those interests have narrowed.  I do not want to be a general-purpose personal finance site.  Lots of people do a far better job of that than I do.  I want my blogging efforts to be a vehicle to educate my readers and myself.  Going forward there will three main topics covered in this blog.

  1. Financial Independence.  I will continue chronicling my journey to financial independence.  Portfolio updates will continue as I document my progress.  Finally, I will explore additional personal finance topics as I see fit.
  2. Dividend Growth Investing / Stock Analyses.  The stock analyses will continue.  These have been a helpful exercise for me and hopefully informative for my readers.
  3. Personal Finance Commentary.  I read a number of personal finance sites and I haven’t really found any that match my worldview.  I find the current blogging trend of militant lifestyle advice that eschews any form of balance in favor of minimalist chest thumping particularly annoying.  Expect articles promoting balance and independent thinking.

Posting Schedule

Whenever I feel like it, probably 1-2X per month.  I can’t commit to a regular 1-3X per week schedule.  Life is too unpredictable and I just don’t have that many great ideas that quickly.

I realize that in order to make it as a professional blogger you need to crank out the articles.  I can’t do that.  If an article doesn’t work to educate both myself through the process of writing, and my readers through the process of reading, the article will not be written.

In terms of article length, I will use however many words are necessary to get the message across, regardless of whether that’s 200 or 2,000.

What About the Old Articles?

The old articles will remain on the site post reboot.  I will slowly go back through the archives and review and edit each article.  Some articles will be removed entirely.  Some will be edited heavily and reposted.  And some will just be cleaned up and left where they are.

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7 Responses to "Welcome to the Reboot"

  1. Makes sense MFIJ, and am liking the simple menus. Focus on what is important and why it is important. Much like yourself, I don’t subscribe to the frugality to the max, and choose to live my life freely while intentionally pushing myself toward financial freedom.

    Looking forward to seeing new stuff as it comes out.

    1. And holy moly, just checked out the updated portfolio and dividend income. You have had a very productive past few months! That dividend income is looking tremendous!

  2. Feels good to re-evaluate how things are looking/working and make some changes, huh? You’re doing a great job on your journey to financial independence. People will continue to read regardless of how often you post.

  3. Glad to see you getting back at things with gusto!

  4. Dan Mac says:

    I’m liking the new main focus of the site. I think it’s best to narrow it down rather than being all over the place in regards to topics. Definitely plenty of subject matter to discuss within the 3 areas you discuss. Also looking forward to your Personal Finance Commentary.

  5. I like the reboot and have undergone one on my website as well. As you pointed out keeping up a 3x posting schedule is difficult especially if you’re looking to put out solid content. I look forward to the new posts, I’m still subscribed to your feed!

  6. How’s it going mate? Long time no hear from you!

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