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Weekend One Off: Predicting Bubbles

So here we are with another weekend that I am not in town.  This time I am taking a little mini-vacation elsewhere.  So that means no link love this weekend. Don’t worry, the link love will be back next week.  But just because there’s no link love, doesn’t mean that I don’t love my readers.  So what have I got in store for you today?

As the current drop in stock prices is now making painfully apparent to everyone, we were in a bubble.  Ahhh bubbles.  They sound so innocuous, but when they pop it feels like you just got kicked in the head.  Damn it hurts and where is my ibuprofen.

Here’s a guy in the business of predicting bubbles:


I would take this guy seriously.  He has some complicated models and the balls to put them under rigorous peer review.  It’s everything I was hoping that .  (the preceding is an affiliate link to Amazon and if you buy something I’ll get paid and be able to buy booze or invest, depending on my mood.) Instead all we got was a needlessly long book that could be summed up in two words: “Shit happens.”

As an added benefit, the ability to predict bubbles bursting can also tell us when the skirt length of certain Japanese pop groups will start getting longer.  Long skirts make me sad.

Readers:  What do you think of Didier’s ability to predict bubbles?  Or for lighter fare, how did your weekend go?

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