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Portfolio Status: February 2013

Hopefully increasing in value.

Continuing with my goal of financial transparency, I’m posting my portfolio as it is at the beginning of February of 2013.

Under the portfolio tab above is where I am keeping a more or less current list of my positions.  The below is where my portfolio stands as of February 1, 2013.

2013 Portfolio Value as of:

  • January 1st: $91,567.06
  • February 1st: $95,514.53

My portfolio has increased in value by almost $4,000, despite the fact that I have not purchased any new stocks this month.  I have some limit orders set, but the market keeps going up, so they never activate.  The only investment event worth noting this month was the assignment of 100 shares of NLY when my put expired.  Hopefully, I’ll be able purchase some more stocks in the next month to keep on growing this portfolio.

In terms of dividends, I pulled in $164.00 in January of 2013.

2013 Monthly Dividends:

  • January: $164.00

One of my major goals for this year and next year is to substantially increase my emergency fund so that it can cover one full year’s worth of my expenses ($35K).  So let’s track that too:

2013 Emergency Fund Value as of:

  • January 1st: $4,753.16
  • February 1st: $7,353.16

Portfolio as of February 1st, 2013:

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3 Responses to "Portfolio Status: February 2013"

  1. Impressive! The stock market has been soaring lately, between 3-5% gains on the major indexes since the beginning of the year. What a great start to 2013.

    1. It’s been a fun ride up if I watch my portfolio value. But it’s been kind of sad because stocks I want to buy are always racing past what my buy orders are set at.

  2. Impressive growth! Our portfolio grew 5.1% in January without us doing anything, so it was really nice (I have to remember that in a bear market). On the downside, I have been meaning to add to our dividend portfolio and the prices are nowhere near where I want them to be.

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